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I first wrote about red dot sights on handguns in 2009.  It was a glimpse at the "state of the art", at least as it was then.  I recall the reactions of the nay-sayers.

"You wanna put what on your slide?"

But the concept seemed to catch on for those who wanted more from their skills and capabilities than simple adequacy with an unskilled aggressor.  Some years later, these pistols have seen action in the various desert theaters in the holsters of our Special Operations people, as well as in the world of law Enforcement, and in the Civilian CCW arena. And as I predicted would happen, even the big manufacturers are testing the waters.

The red dot on a pistol is not for everyone. It is neither cheap nor easy (not if one seeks quality). But it will enhance your capabilities as a shooter beyond what "traditional" equipment will allow. It is tempting to ignore this, thinking that it is the man and not the gun. Nonetheless, a good man with a good gun will do far better work than a good man with a not-so-good gun. Conversely, a shooter whose holding and pressing skills are non-existent will still have difficulty whether he has a great gun with a red dot or a cheap piece of trash.

Ability must be there, but once that ability is there, the equipment selected must compliment and not hinder the man. The red dot augments skill...it does not replace it.

Suarez International's technical branch was formed with the intention to create from concept, the tools and equipment that would allow a great operator to use his weapons to his highest level, without any hindrance or handicap. The showcase of that mission statement has been the Red Dot Sight Handgun Program. All our work and study is here for you.

Gabe Suarez

CEO & Chief Pirate

Suarez International