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An Update on the Trijicon RMR Series

Milling for a Specific RMR vs. Milling For RMRs: So recently one of the many "slide cutters" in the industry came out with a dissertation where they said each customer needed to send in their specific RMR for milling and alluded that the variance in RMR size (due to tolerance changes) was so great that one would not be able to zero properly unless this was done.

Well, this is total "bovine scatology" as the old general once said.We have been installing RMRs now for five years and there is no tolerance stack up as they suggest.One RMR is the same as another...and if there are any differences in size, they are so minor as to be inconsequential.The guys suggesting this are in the business of milling customer slides and thus obfuscating the truth to get people to send them their RMR for specific installation is what is happening. Moreover, RMRs do in fact break, or need servicing, etc.Does a customer now need to get his slide re-milled and re-finished if the RMR must be replaced?Of course not - follow the money.

Changing Brightness on RM06 and 07: I get emails on this from time to time."Gabe, my RMR is changing settings.It goes from very small dot to really bright and blooming dot...what do I do?"So here is what is happening.Read this from Trijicon's site:

" With eight available brightness settings, the reticule can be manually adjusted by pressing the plus or minus buttons on either side of the unit. To switch to auto adjust mode simply press both buttons simultaneously and release."

On auto adjust mode, the RM06 or 07 will self adjust depending on varying light conditions.I find that there seems to be a slightly longer delay than on the RM01 or RM02.So if you begin in the holster (dark and concealed) and draw into the light, the dot may look slightly different each time you draw as it is moving from dark to light and light to dark.I tested this out in dry work.I have a distant target about 25 yards away from my garage/gym.I train inside in the shade but use the outside target as an aiming point.Inside its one light level, and outside another.

I noted the dot would appear at different settings every few draws.After verifying there was nothing in the holster causing that change I studied it further.The RMR was on auto adjust mode.By selecting a slightly brighter or slightly dimmer setting (in other words not auto adjust mode), the problem was solved.The dot remained constant for the rest of the 500 draws, regardless of light conditions, whether I was inside or outside.If you find your RMR is doing this, there is nothing wrong with it.Select a setting and not on auto adjust and you will see the difference.