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Flat and Straight Trigger Testimonials

Mine came in today. Installed it in my G17 and tested it. WOW. S.I. always makes great stuff. Very, VERY short take up, with crisp, clean break. Absolutely no overtravel. Very positive reset. And the flat and straight profile is a definite improvement over basic curved triggers. Before this, I'd never tried a flat trigger, but now, I believe they should come standard on every gun.
With the weapon safely checked and racked, I pulled the trigger ... the gates of heaven opened, birds started singing, and all was one in the universe. This trigger is the missing link I was looking for. The more I pulled on it ... the more I loved it. The design, engineering, and simplicity are brilliant. I applaud in awe and appreciation. Suarez International ... bravo <clap> <clap> bravo, you have another patron awaiting in earnest, to order another "flat & straight" trigger.
I just installed the flat and straight trigger on my rmr'd 30sf. This trigger is outstanding. No creep whatsoever and smooth pull and reset. This is the second best upgrade I have done to my pistol, with the RMR being first. Thanks for making this.
Holy smokes! I almost have a machine pistol in my hands. The pistol cycles faster with a smoother recoil impulse. I have better control with rapid fire and can place more (est. 30%) rounds on target by the clock. There is a much appreciated finesse in trigger feel and control.
Boys and girls, better get yours while supplies last!
AAR - Flat and Staight installed and used.
Looked at the fit and finish upon opening the package after delivery, I have never seen this degree of quality on a part for a Glock. Installed this marvel on my 35. Did some dry fire and I was impressed. Over travel and reset are the best I have ever seen on a Glock.
Went to the local IDPA match this weekend. The one word to describe my experience is, "WOW!!!". Accuracy and shot to shot recovery were great. However, I did have a little "difficulty" before the match. Some of the 1911 guys fondled it, a few repeatedly, and it got passed around like a cheap whore. Some Glock guys "played" with it also. All were impressed and liked the feel of the flat face, overtravel and reset. The difficulty was I had little time to prepare for the match as so many wanted to try this trigger's virtues before returning the unit to me. Great job, Gabe.
Guys, this trigger is a game changer. I realized after I dry fired it for the first time that I had a massive goofy smile on my face. It is most definitely the best Glock trigger I've ever pulled.
Had carpal tunnel surgery and was about to see if I could hit ok, post-op, and then my Gen 3 G19 complete trigger set arrived...Installed it. Headed to a local indoor range. Hung the target at 10m.
Although it hurt, it was clear that my groups tightened up...even through the pain, discomfort and suboptimal grip.
This trigger is a WINNER!
Thanks, S.I. - as always, leading-edge equipment and training: an unbeatable, cost-effective and winning combination!
Gabe, your new trigger is a home run! I've been modifying and tweaking Glock triggers for over 20 years. Over that time I've created some pretty good triggers and some not so great (ruining many parts along the way). In the past few years I've been using a ZEV to start with, then tweak it a bit to create what in my mind is a good trigger.
I received in the mail today what has to be the holy grail of Glock triggers. I got the full trigger with a "-" connector for $140, a deal for this collection of parts. Your trigger feels simply amazing. I don't have the urge to mess with your trigger at all as it is crisp, light enough to be effective (not mushy) and has a strong sure reset. The subjective feel of this trigger is as good as I've been able to do cobbling parts together and tinkering until I get the feel I want. Your trigger, out of the box is as good or better than anything I've been able to create.
I like the flat face of the trigger pad. I was worried a little it would feel a bit strange under my finger for this long-time Glock guy, but it doesn't one bit.
Expect an order for some more!
The trigger is the best practical handgun trigger I have ever squeezed. This is definitely the second best mod for a Glock, first is the RMR.
Got my complete Flat & Straight Trigger Kit w/3.5# Suarez Connector, Spring Kit w/4.5# Striker spring for my EDC G30S. To say I'm pleased is an understatement. Best Glock trigger I've ever pressed. Test run at the range today. At least 25% accuracy improvement, perfect reset and amazing "feel". Thanks Gabe! You sell excellence! And thanks to Tom C. for helping me get the right stuff ordered the first time!
Got mine today. Wasn't sure what to expect fully, but this is better by leaps and bounds than my expectation. The best trigger I have ever had on any weapon.
Gabe, hope you have plenty in stock, I plan on posting a review on a couple local forums. Thanks man, great work, happy to have it on my weapon.
Absolutely this trigger has been just amazing I put in in my 19 this afternoon and they put 150 rounds through the gun. It is far better than anything I've felt on a Glock!
I usually don't gush over things but this is really something. It just makes a huge improvement. Y'all won't be disappointed