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French Tactical Team Kills Jihad Terrorists

French forces kill newspaper attack Terrorists.

So we hear that our friends at the GIGN took care of business in France. Nice job.

Tres bien mon frere!!

Second hostage situation – a Jewish market. I wonder if THAT was a coincidence? I hear that one of the terrorists said before his death that he was funded by al Qaeda. Is that a surprise? But then, the French Obama, Francois Hollande warned that the danger to France was not over yet.

"These madmen, fanatics, have nothing to do with the Muslim religion," Hollande said in a televised address. "France has not seen the end of the threats it faces."

Well…Francois…mon ami…you have it all wrong. If these killers have nothing to do with the Muslim Faith, then what was the reason for the whole thing in the first place? Were they simply madmen? Were they angry because Justin Beaver would not dance with them? No mon ami…it is precisely because they do in fact represent that faith quite well.

Following the dramatic loss of life over three days, at something over 16 dead (not counting the sons of evil killed by the GIGN), French authorities are trying to prevent a rise in vengeful “anti-immigrant” sentiment. I do not think any immigrants from South America or Asia need be concerned however…nor immigrants from other western nations.

When was the last time a Spaniard decided to break out in monkey bites because someone drew a caricature of Franco?


OK…when was the last time an American decided to fly an airplane into a building because someone burned an American flag?

Ok…ok…here is one.

When is the last time a Japanese citizen decided to kill an entire office of writers because someone made fun of Buddha?

I guess I am in a losing fight here.

There is only one group of people on earth who resort to violence when someone disagrees with them, thinks their ways are backwards, and refuses to adopt the culture of the nations who welcome them and whose blood they like to suck on.

Any guesses who that might f*cking be?

Before his death, one of the Kouachi brothers told a television station he had received financing from an al Qaeda preacher in Yemen.

No…say it isn’t so! For Francois' political future and so the Savior of America Obama doesn’t have to kiss another Arab ring (insert cynical and disgusted rolling of the eyes).

Can you imagine Charles Stanley…or Greg Laurie, or even the freaking Dalai Lama financing the murder of twelve…oh, excuse me…sixteen people? Why the outrage against Christian Extremism alone would be heard around the g-d damned world!! Yet, these medieval, backward thinking morons get a free pass from the leaders of the western world, and the western main stream media.

What was it that “Deep Throat” said to Bernstein?

“Follow the (Arab) money”

I hope France ignores Francois, and then the rest of Europe follows…and hopefully America. There is one threat to modernity and mankind today, and every educated man or woman with a freaking brain in their bucket knows what it is and where it comes from.

But maybe Francois and “Barry” are not in that demographic.