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Product Announcement: Suarez Suppressor Sights

The constant quest for excellence. I learned that from my father, who identified one of the manly traits as the desire to always better yourself. The antithesis of that is to leave well-enough alone. We don't do that. If what is already "good enough" can be made better, we will do it. And that is what we did with the iron sights that are used for back up to the red dot pistol system.

The use of co-witnessed iron sights is a crucial factor in the usability of the red dot on a pistol (sighted at the same point as the red dot). The "visual hand-off" takes place and becomes automatic. The irons serve as "runway lights" or visual anchors to get the eye where it needs to be to pick up the red dot. The Suarez International V3.0 Sights facilitate that visual transition.

These sights are specifically designed for integrated use with the Trijicon RMR red dot system, and are the correct height for use with a properly installed Trijicon RMR. The front sight is contains one green vial of tritium. The vial is placed on the sight in a way that a weapon zeroed at ten yards (what we suggest as optimal for these systems) will have the red dot approximately covering the tritium dot. There is no white outline to distract the eye and during the day, the serrations make the front sight look like a black sight.

The serrations and elimination of the white circle are because the sights must be capable of stand- alone use, under any light conditions...not only in conjunction with a red dot. In my teaching experience (teaching marksmanship since 1992) any visible white dots or bars on the sights will detract from the best marksmanship performance. In fact, in a basic level class we will often black out a frustrated student's dots with a magic marker. The white circles are a poorly conceived emulation of factory OEM sights intended to placate those who do not know what they do not know. Ours do not have such a dubious feature.

The rear sight features our "speed notch" (.150 wide, .120 deep). We tested various sizes and widths and determined that this combination is the best for quick acquisition, as well as for most precise alignment. It also gives you faster acquisition of the front sight, and thereby the red dot, by allowing more visible light on each side.

The rear sight installs with little to no fitting. After alignment, the rear sight locks into place with two machine screws. Add a little Loctite and your sights are locked in place. (Some slides may require a sight tool regardless).

Like the front sight, the rear sight is serrated and contains one green vial of tritium, no white outline to distract the eye. The rear and front sight used together create a dot-on-top-of-dot image that is easily seen and is far less confusing than the typical three dots. This is specially so when used in conjunction with a red dot sight. The red dot is usually zeroed so it covers the front dot.

When used without the Trijicon RMR in evidence, the front face of the rear sight, serrated to 40 LPI in the same fashion as the rear face, allows you to clear your weapons with one hand in case of malfunction. The current fashion in many sight systems is an emulation of the old Novak rear sights. These sights were designed for the old style, analysis-based malfunction clearing system when a failure to eject (stovepipe) was identified and cleared with a sweeping motion of the hand. The problem of course was that clearing a malfunction one handed was nearly impossible. The design of our rear sight takes this into consideration and facilitates a wounded operator clearing any issues easily.

These are the best combat sights available today, bar none, for not only red dot equipped handguns, but all Glock handguns. They are available in black front and rear, tritium front and black rear, or tritium front and rear. We have plans to release these for the MOS systems (requiring much higher/taller sights due to the way the red dot is configured), as well as standard height for non-red dot pistols.

  • Specifically designed for integrated use with the Trijicon RMR
  • Precision machined and then finished in Black Oxide.
  • Front sight contoured in a way to facilitate covert daily carry
  • Rear sight features the Suarez designed “speed notch”
  • Rear sight installs with little to no fitting
  • Front and Rear Sight feature green tritium dots - no white outlines
  • Tritium installed by Trijicon
  • Made in the USA, Patent Pending design



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