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Red Dot Options

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Aquiring a pistol with a red dot can be an involved process, there are many pieces to the puzzle.

Some of the things to think about are:

  • Do I want an OEM slide to be milled?
  • Do I want a Suarez V3 Precision Match Slide that is already milled?
  • Do I want to send in my own slide to be milled?
  • Do I want to refinish the slide and color while being worked on?
  • Do I want any slide upgrades like front serrations, suppressor sights, or barrel and spring?

Your three slide options are detailed below:

Suarez V3 Precision Match Slide

Years of research, experimenting, and manufacturing have gone in to our V3 Precision Match Slides. The slides are made from 17-4 aerospace steel and cut to more exact tolerances than OEM slides for better precision and accuracy. The front of the slide is angled and contoured for ease of holstering and comfortable carry. Front serrations are added for ergonomics and angled for over and underhand use.

The barrel locking areas at the front and rear of the ejection port are manufactured with greater attention to detail and more exact tolerances for a greater accuracy over the OEM model while still being able to use factory barrels. Use of our match-quality barrel increases accuracy even more.

The ejection port has been lowered .100 of an inch and contoured for more reliable casing ejection. An optional aftermarket ejector elimates "brass to the face" 100%.

The amount of material removed from the slide almost matches the exact weight of a Trijicon RMR, thus leaving the weight of the pistol virtually unchanged.

You have your choice of options when buying our V3 Match Slide:

  • Finish and color (default is bead blasted stainless)
  • Include slide internals or not
  • Include plain suppressor sights or Tritium versions
  • Selection of a red dot sight
  • Barrel
  • Recoil unit

We manufactur our V3 slides in batches, so waiting times can vary.

Our V3 Precision Match Slides, without a doubt, are the best custom slides available for the Glock platform available anywhere. They exceed the quality and performance of OEM slides. Choose a Suarez V3 Slide today!

Buy an OEM Slide Milled

Glock 17 Milled SlideThis option is for those who would like to keep their existing slide but maybe get a replacement red dot enabled slide to swap with it. These are standard OEM slides we take and cut for the red dot. You will have your choice of options such as which RMR you would like, suppressor sights option, and if you'd like the slide refinished.

You can also buy some of our slide enhancements separately such as a front angle cut and front slide serrations.

Check out our selection of RMR OEM Glock Slides.

Send in My Personal Slide

Glock 35 Milled SlideYour final option is to send us your own slide to be milled. Once again you will have options to include an RMR, slide serrations, suppressor sights, and refinishing. In addition, you can choose to include an RMR Field Maintenance Kit and a Slide Saddle Plate with your purchase.

View options for milling your own slide.

Whichever option you choose, you can be sure your ability to shoot farther, faster, and more accurately will never be the same!

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