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Red Dot Pistols Are Not For Everyone

You heard me...err...read me.

Just like a college education, a high degree of physical strength, good taste in wine...and in women, the ability to recite poetry, to speak another language, to speak in public extemporaneously, to do those things which are remarkable and uncommon...are not for everyone.

But those whose self-image and self-standards include being uncommon and being remarkable and seek who excellence in all that they do, whether it is one of those things we mentioned, or shooting a terrorist in the eye from across the room, yes...the red dot concept fits perfectly there.

Recently there was a write up elsewhere about our red dot installations. I tend to stay away from common blogs as they not only offer nothing in return for the exposure, but are also populated with the followers of that Greek Malingerer - Mediocrates. You know...the purveyor of low achievement and as his name indicates...mediocrity. Their job seems to be to populate a blog post with all manner of comments of dubious value in order to improve ratings or something.

Its funny because those people will never buy anything of any quality or value, nor attempt anything extraordinary, whether they can afford it not. That notwithstanding, it is interesting to read the comments nonetheless, and the excuses about why one should not put a red dot on their weapon.

1). All gunfights are close and you will point shoot: Well, any study of gunfighting will show that is simply not true. If it were we could simply have bare topped slides, and not have ANY sights at all.  Never the less, these same people will put big dot sights and such on theirs. If the gunfight is close, the red dot won't change a thing for you. But if the gunfight requires precision and all you have been doing is polishing that elbow-up/down crouch, or your weaver stance, it will quickly be realized how much it sucks to be you...right before lights out.

2). Its expensive: Yes it is. Not everyone can afford it. I got that and that does not make the speaker evil, only honest. Sadly the trend is to attempt to disuade others from recognizing the value and benefits of what the speaker cannot afford. "Disdain that which you cannot have" is dishonest and self-defeating.  I see that with cars, with watches, and with jobs. Why not with small arms?

3). Its a fad: Hmmm. Maybe, but after four years of these, I disagree. Funny, they said the same thing about red dots on rifles, plastic pistols, cell phones, airplanes, cars, computers, and modern surgical medicine.  In the end, the world is not at all flat.

4). Its bulky: Well, more bulky than a J-Frame, yes. But who wants to go to a gunfight with a J-frame. More likely, the speaker is too bulky to actually carry a pistol in the waist to begin with. Again, the honesty aspect comes up. If someone told me that they were too fat to carry something that didn't fit into their pants pocket I would understand. Then I would ask them if they wanted to fix that...and then tell them how to do it - for free.

5). Red dots are unreliable: There are always horror stories about plane crashes too, but that isn't going to make me drive to Hawaii the next time I go. Anything man made can break, no matter what it is.

Higher quality things break less often.

That said, most red dots have a workable warranty where if something goes wrong, they can be repaired. And the fact that anything man made can break is why we use back up iron sights that cowitness with the red dot. Just in case.

By the time ten years have passed, full size combat pistols not sporting a red dot will be as strange as rifles not equipped with a red dot are today. And the seekers of "average" and "good enough" will still be arguing about why you should not have one.