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Some Thoughts on Night Vision, RMRs, and Tritium

1). If you want to really own the night, Night Vision is where its at...not in brighter flashlights.

2). The Adjustable Brightness RMR (RM06 and RM07) works great with the PVS-14s we are using, and most importantly, does NOT project an IR laser that can be seen by opposing forces also equipped with night vision. Can't do that with a non-adjustable RMR, or a Docter or a Delta Point...sadly enough.

Think of it this way. During the day, you can compare a Red Dot Sight and a Red Laser. You can bring a pistol into your line of sight with a Red Dot RMR, or with a Red Visible Laser.

Put both on a target. Which one does the target see? The red laser, but not the Red Dot RMR. Which one traces a visible line if there is moisture, smoke, or fog in the air? The laser, but not the RMR. The RMR does none of those things, yet provides the same visual efefct for the shooter.

The same thing happens with IR visible lasers. Anyone equipped with an NV unit will see your laser if you use it...but not the dot on your RMR. The fact the pistol is held away from the body and can be floated in front of the Night Vision is an asset. Now I will say for shots exceeding maybe ten yards, this won't work very well...but for indoors CQB...oh hell yes. For longer or more precise shooting the IR laser will be needed because unlike the human eye, the NVG cannot be instantly shifted in focus. It is shifted and left.

The highest setting on the RM06 (a 3.5 MOA unit) is too bright for night vision. You see a huge green baseball where a 3.5 MOA should be. But turning it down to "barely visible" is still bright enough to use with the PVS-14. Although at that setting you would not be able to use it in the daytime. I doubt that Trijicon ever intended that, but there you are.

3). Tritium can be seen a long way off if someone is alert and looking for it. This knowledge dates back to 1990-something when Trijicon and Meprolight made their debut into law enforcement. I recall a training exercise we did with a neighboring unit. I was the bad guy and I was able to track the "good guy" cops and attack them by seeing their brand new tritium sights.

Interestingly enough, when I trained with LASO SEB, they all eschewed any tritium on their entry weapons.

Along with item #1, guys that want to do well in this realm need to get away from the "What A Civilian Needs" mindset. A bright flashlight or bright "easily seen" tritium sights will get you killed if the man or men you are going against know anything at all. Recall the "People Don't Fight The Same Today", thread and how technology pushes the limits.

4). If "On The Hunt" with a tritium equipped pistol, the ready position may be altered so the support hand thumbprint rests on the tritium element of the front sight, and the firing hand thumbprint rests on the rear sight. This will change into a firing position when needed but will keep the bad guys from seeing your glow on a dark, cloudy, moonless night.