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Suarez "Flat and Straight" Trigger For Glock 36, 42, and 43

Other than training and the addition of a red dot sight, what will help your surgical accuracy the most is upgrading the stock trigger. Most after-market triggers focus exclusively on creating a super light competition trigger. While still quite suitable for competitive pursuits, Suarez International builds triggers for gunfighters.

The Tactical Grade "Flat Faced" Trigger closely replicates the feel of a 1911 trigger, yet maintains all the inherent safety features of the original Glock trigger system. Tens of thousands of rounds have been fired in the development of our Tactical Grade Glock Trigger to insure reliability, consistency, and safety, as well as uniformity of weight. You will immediately notice the difference in your shooting performance after installation.

The trigger face is totally and geometrically flat: Look at all the match rifles used to set combat rifle marksmanship records. They all use flat triggers. Flat triggers are totally flat and straight, not just "square faced" curved triggers. "Flat and straight" triggers improve your mechanical leverage and allow you to consistently place your shooting finger in the most advantageous location for you. Additionally, these triggers maintain a more consistent feeling trigger regardless of where on that trigger your finger is placed.

The trigger safety is much wider than an OEM unit, allowing you to quickly place your finger in the optimal firing position via a tactile index and thus build improved consistency and accuracy via smooth operation through the entire length of pull. The easily discerned and crisp reset improves the shooter’s ability to place follow up shots with speed and accuracy.

If YOU were the guy at the next Sandy Hook, or Mumbai...you would want a 100% reliable handgun with a capability for extreme surgical accuracy equal to the moment. The goal: To save innocent lives by being able to put one bullet in a terrorist's eye socket from across the room, in his face from across the street, or in his chest from down the block. That is what this trigger was designed for.

  • Polished Steel Glock Trigger Bar
  • Suarez "Flat and Straight" Tactical Grade Trigger Pad - 6061 Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum
  • Suarez Trigger Safety - 6061 Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum
  • All components Hard Anodized Type III
  • Installation Instructions
  • Drop in unit and takes less than two minutes to install.
  • Available for Glock 36, Glock 42, and Glock 43