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Suarez International Combat Base Plate - For Glock Magazines

The Glock pistol is the easiest handgun to use in a fight.  It is also the easiest pistol with which to clear a malfunction, should one occur in extreme environments.  The malfunction clearances we teach involve a non-diagnostic linear progression free of any analytical decisions or evaluations.  At the crux of the process is the ability to positively extract the on-board magazine.  Sometimes because of the nature of the malfunction, this is not an easy task. As well, if the operational environment requires the use of gloves, the problem is exacerbated.

The OEM base pad does not address any of these issues, especially if there is a need to execute any of the weapon manipulations one handed such as if one is wounded.

There have been attempts to solve this situation by making magazine base plates that are extremely wide laterally and longitudinally.  The Vickers, and the Salient base plates are like this.  They do alleviate the problem of magazine extraction to a degree, but the excessive width tends to compromise ultra concealed carry.

Our magazine base plate is specifically designed to solve these problems.

It is slightly thicker than the factory pad, giving a more positive seating of the magazine during loading or reloading, but does not extend past the sides of the Glock lower receiver. This sleek and lower profile makes them more comfortable and concealable during everyday carry.

They feature grooved and scalloped "purchase points" on all four sides to facilitate stripping of stuck magazines during manipulations and malfunction clearing.

These magazine base plates are made in the USA from type 3 hard coat anodized aircraft grade aluminum and are compatible with the G17/G22/G34/G35 Gen 3 or 4 Glocks. They fit and install the same as the factory floor plates.

CNC machined from tough 6061 aluminum.

Fits All Glock 9mm, 40 S&W, and 357 SIG magazines.

Black Anodized (other colors coming soon)

Weight is 18 g.

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