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Suarez International's New V3 Red Dot Slide

Suarez International has been making red dot ready slides for the Glock platform since 2011. While the rest of the industry seems fixated on cutting holes and making garish looking slides, we have been studying how to make the slide better, more reliable and more accurate.

The new Version 3 Suarez International Slide is made from the same 17-4 aerospace steel we have used since the beginning. It is heat treated to perfection and precision manufactured to more exact tolerances. The front of the slide is angled and contoured for ease of holstering and comfortable carry. The front serrations are ergonomically angled for best use either over or under in adverse conditions without being overdone or ostentatious.

The barrel locking areas at the front and rear of the ejection port are manufactured with greater attention to detail and more exact tolerances for a greater potential for accuracy over the OEM model while still using the factory barrel. When used with a match-quality barrel, accuracy will be increased over what is possible with the same barrel in an OEM factory slide.

The ejection port on the V3 slide has been lowered by .100", and contoured to increase the reliable and predictable ejection of spent cases. When used in conjunction with the #30274 Ejector, the "brass to the face" seen in some factory OEM slides is eliminated 100%.

Brass is ejected forward and to the side in a repeatable and reliable manner. In fact, in our tests, all ejected brass landed within a 26" circle to the shooters 2 o'clock.

As always, the dovetail for the Trijicon RMR is cut in exacting detail during the manufacturing process. To insure reliability, the material removed is a close equivalent in weight to a Trijicon RMR. Thus an RMR-equipped Suarez Slide weighs virtually the same as a standard factory slide, enhancing the reliability factor.

This introductory offer of the Suarez International V3 slide comes in bead blasted stainless and ready to accept your Glock internals. The best precision made custom slide available for the Glock platform available anywhere.