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Thank you again! I received the slide yesterday, only 14 days after you received it! I am very pleased with the work done, the quick turn-around, and your customer service. They were very patient with my impatience! Please send me a link to where you would like me to post a positive review. Feel free to use my comments and my name:

I have nothing but praise for Suarez International! I recently sent my Glock 20C to be milled for a Trijicon RMR. I did extensive research online and determined that they had the best price, turnaround time and great reviews. Still, I was nervous sending my slide to anyone as the 20C is my everyday carry gun. My trepidation was unwarranted. I received the slide back only 14 days after they received it. The workmanship was flawless. The RMR fits like a glove. I haven't seen the new pre-milled Glocks but I can't imagine they fit as well as what is coming out of Suarez. I especially appreciate their customer service. I called more than once with questions and reached a live person every time. They were courteous, knowledgeable, and patient with my impatience. I highly recommend Suarez and will not hesitate to buy from them again!

- Daniel Overbey