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The Glock 43 Versus The Glock 26

So there has been some rhetoric on warriortalk.com about the Glock 43 and its role. Before I adress anything else in an article, I want to identify some points -

1). Most Americans don't really CONCEAL...they "legally cover" their pistols. Concealment means that you could walk into NYPD HQ, have a cup of coffee with the "Illegal Gun Abatement Unit" and they would never know you were carrying.

2). Regardless of your 2nd Amendment Rights, there are plenty of times that the presence of a firearm on your person is socially or politically unacceptable, yet tactically necessary. Some guns fulfill this role better than others.

3). Concealment in "normal clothing" is facilitated by thin profiles and short frames. Thus a Glock 42 is easier to really conceal than a Glock 41. Slide and barrel length is irrelevant. Thickness and frame length...and weight, are of paramount importance.

4). While I understand the desire for more ammunition, and for commonality of magazines, these are compromises. One compromises concealability for convenience. Many times this works out fine...but when nobody knowing you are carrying takes top spot on the list, the Glock 26 takes a backseat to the Glock 43.

5). There are already attempts to produce bigger magazine plates and other "enlargements" to the Glock 43. I just shake my head at these in astonishment as they diminish the utility of the weapon in the niche it was intended for. What the 43 will benefit from is a +1 magazine plate so the last finger has a place to go...and it may as well give us an extra round, a crisper trigger, and a better set of sights. But other than that...leave it alone.

6). Consider that an extended magazine on the belt will give away the show more often than the pistol in the holster. For true Non-Permissive-Environment carry, the magazines should all be as small as possible.

7). Holsters. The Glock 43 with its striker firing system is not a candidate for holsterless carry, but getting a typical OWB holster with accompanying magazine pouch...like you have for your Glock 34 is just silly. Part of the NPE Concept is the ability to don or remove the weapon quickly for obvious reasons. I learned this the hard way when I had to jettison a perfectly good Glock 17 and magazines in Central America a decade ago.

8). The best carry system for totally concealed carry involves some sort of minimalist holster and accompanying magazine pouch carried at the centerline of the body - Appendix and just opposite of Appendix. The Smart Carry rig will be popular but it does not suitably protect the trigger guard. The NPE trigger guard holster we sell is the perfect rig for this.

9). Neither the 42 nor the 43 (nor the 26 for that matter) should be considered first line fighting pistols. They are all a compromise to enhance concealment. That said, 50 yard hits with the 43 were easily done...even with the horrible Glock OEM sights. Shooting bad guys in the face at ten feet is as easy as with any other Glock.

10). Keep the mission in mind before accessorizing this. It is not a 34, a 17, or a 19. It is a compromise weapon that is like them, but not them. Keep it small and easy to hide. And if you can carry something bigger with more ammo capacity due to less stringent rules of engagement, do it.