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The Warrior Pistolero

I think the gulf between the pure sportsman with his Glock 24, all drilled out, and the minimalist self defender with a "shield" has been filled by the self-selected warrior. He is a different animal. The threat of deadly force doesn't frighten him...it makes him smile at the prospect. Just the fact that he exists makes the liability-fearing crowd cringe, and the barely-adequate crowd shrink in horror.

He is unconcerned about...and rightly would feel offended if targeted by...a mere meth mugger. He would wonder if he is giving the wrong message...or not training hard enough. He thinks that those who carry J-Frame are as foolish as those who have no martial arts skills and are physically unfit.

Rather his skills goals parallel those of the counter terror operative, or the hostage rescue unit. And he prides himself not only on his marksmanship, but in his speed. And in the ability to react as well - as to be offsides...and to kill without emotion or a word...or a worry.

He is a warrior athlete, and sets the highest standards for himself. He finds himself out of place at most gatherings of "gun guys" or "normal people". But he smiles when people discuss active shooters and the ISIS threat. To him they are not threats to be feared...but promises to look forward to.

And he prays passionately that his God put him in the right place and time...the next time. His God is not the same God the butterfly chaser pray to...though they think so. He is not interested in competition guns, but he wants every edge in killing well...killing surgically and doing so quickly with speed.

It is for him...for us, that Suarez International exists.